Monday, July 27, 2009

SeskiGene (aka Eugene but definitely not DuckGene)

I Am (Tired) Oregonian!


Seski get very comfortable rest with sounds of ocean that lull Seski into very deep and restful slumber. Seski wake up in Elizabeth Inn (not often Seski wake up with roof over head) but it nice to not have to shake sand out of fur.

After big breakfast (thanks to Ms. Elizabeth!) Seski start long walk to visit friends in Eugene. Seski have small hills to hike, forests to go through and rivers to cross (not going to Grandma's house) so be back in a little bit... Seski must walk far to complete I Am Oregonian but very environmental conscious and low carbon emissions (Seski not even know what that is).

Seski still walking...

Still walking... Seski start to hear lots of quacking, must be near..

Next thing know, Seski hanging upside down in tangle of lines and webbing and hard rock keep bumping Seski. Then friend from McKenzie Outfitters say "Welcome to Skinny Butte" and help Seski re-orient and figure out what going on. Seski Tweet:
Seski wonder why hanging upside down on rock so interesting. Then friend from McKenzie Outfitter help Seski hang right way. Go Ducks!

Couple of scrapes later, Seski head to Cascade Raptor Center where Seski realize that there are birds bigger than Seski... Seski watch sky more carefully from now on (one more thing for Seski to worry about falling from sky).
After many ruffled feathers and sneezes (feathers tickle), Seski run into old feathered friend Duck (wearing big "O" and lots of green). He look a lot like crazy character Seski see in cartoons, but this Duck even crazier. Click photo for slideshow!

Seski and Duck do lots of fun stuff together, we race at Hayward Field where famous Pre run fast (he run faster if Seski chasing him), we see University of Oregon campus buildings with history almost as old as Seski, we hang out with friends at Museum of Natural and Cultural History and see lots of things Seski remember from olden, golden days. Seski think funny when Duck with feet bigger than Seski challenge to race. You see for yourself (observe how friends create confusion and delay for Seski and Duck):

That lots of fun and next time Seski run on one leg. Seski and Duck make good team. Good thing we not spend too much time together or we probably get into lots of trouble (all his fault, Seski innocent bystander!) Click photo for slideshow!

I Am Eugene! ROWR!

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