Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Steps - Lighthouse Have Too Many Stairs

I Am Oregonian

Seski think there one good reason to get shoes, not snow, not mud, not rain puddles... it sand.

But Seski digress. Week of tour through Oregon give Seski lots of blisters but also lots of hugs and smiles so Seski not mind the blisters (they heal and hugs and smiles are forever).

Seski start by heading west until Seski see big water with no land on other side (and no tree log to cross over). Friends say this is the Specific ocean and Seski ask "what so specific about it?" This make friends laugh and laugh until Seski shake them upside down so they stop laughing. Then Seski laugh.

Seski meet lots of new friends in Newport. That seem logical, new friend new port. Lots of new stuff for Seski. Friend Lorna give Seski big hug and send off with friends to Yaquina Head Lighthouse so Seski can fix light and save ships. Not really.

Seski impressed with white tower standing alone to protect boats from crashing into rocky Oregon coast. It seem a little lonely and Seski sometimes feel the same. But lots of people come to see tower and climb the windy stairs (ooh, make Seski dizzy).

Seski like to stand on edge of cliff and feel salty wind stream through Seski fur. Seski close eyes and feel like Seski "king of the world!"

Seski see funny spyglass and look through but see nothing except big blubbery things swimming in water (friends explain these big powerful creatures on migration called whales, Seski not interested).

Seski meet lots of nice people, even those in purple. Seski get to meet old friend Mr. Lighthouse Keeper and we relive memories of long time ago (Seski have many years under belt - if Seski wore one). Here is slideshow of Yaquina adventure, now Seski hungry and smelling hops and barley mixed in with salty air...

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