Friday, June 6, 2008

Seski's Oregon Story

My name Seski. I was born in Oregon woods in 1859, same year as Oregon became state. Can you believe? Our birthdays, same. Now I have 150 birthday. We celebrate together. Adults have Pinot Noir and marionberry juice for kids. And cake. I like cake.

In 1905, grand celebration. Called the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. Very amazing. I friend of Meriwether Lewis. Clark I beat in tiddlywink game. Then he not so friendly to Seski. At party, I try move into Forestry Building. Too many visitors. No meditation time for Seski. I like meditate.

100 birthday in 1959. Very amazing time. We make totem pole and Paul Bunyan statue. I like sculpture.

Throughout years, put hairy hand into many of Oregon’s accomplish. I help Blazers win 77’ champion. I cause Mount St. Helens erupt because I use it for hot tub. You enjoy microbrews? My invention. I like them.

I am excited for 150 birthday. I am modern Seski. I have Twitter. I have Facebook. Please friend Seski. I like computer.

And for now 150 I want to hear you. I am in forest checking website. Tell me story. Tell Oregon why you love. Please involve self. Seski wants biggest celebrate for this 150. My birthday. Your birthday. I like Oregon. I really like you too.