Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seski Blaze Trail Despite Thunder Distraction

Seski like cold clear nights.  Keep Seski sense alive.  But friend Blaze invite to watch game against Thunder so Seski had to catacombs of Rose Garden and surprise Oregon friends to share Oregon150 story.

  In catacombs, Seski see people bigger than Seski.  Seski see challenge!  But end up all nice people who like running, jumping, playing.  Make good friends for Seski.  Seski thing Odin a Norse God but end up being really tall human.  Seski think can dunk on Odin (Seski fur act as distraction).

Blaze surprise Seski with gift of jersey with special number "150."  Seski feel very old.  Oregon feel old?  Blaze cool cat, but avoid if he carrying pie...

  Seski laugh very hard when seeing young Bill.  Remember Bill from Rip City dayz and he much shorter now.  Wonder where son Luke is? (he on bench for enemy team?)

Seski get to spend time with Oregon friends and spread rumor of big birthday for state.

Seski remind friends to take picture of Oregon150 birthday celebration and please send to so Seski can share with all Oregon friends.

Seski soon head out to other place in state to help celebrate.  See if you find Seski soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rainy Day Keep Seski in Pendleton

Seski love rain but now Seski have special tool to snuggle and stay warm.  

Seski think sheep good for not just eating grass and making white cloud shapes on green pastures.

Blanket special made for Oregon150 by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Only problem not good for hiding in forest.  Blue and white not blend well with brown and green.  Seski not mind.  Find Seski and stay warm and dry together.

Friends have picture with blanket? Send to or tag on Facebook.