Monday, September 28, 2009

Moonlight Sonata

Seski love diversity of Oregon from noisy coastline to quiet lakes and forests. So much to do, Seski need another 150 years!

When moon hit high in the sky, Seski like to be asleep, dreaming of thick forests, race with Oregon Duck and all happy memories of Oregon state.

But Seski have recent opportunity to see moon in different light. Seski actually see the moon! Wow! Seski not realize moon so pretty and Seski get lost in reverie and then someone grab at Seski fur and suddenly Seski realize not alone. Seski sitting in canoe in the middle of a lake - with no life jacket - Seski never learn to swim (Seski usually stand in water and leave deeper waters to bigger fish!).

Friends from Wanderlust Tours not want to scare Seski so they take very good care and help Seski learn to move canoe with big stick. Seski think big stick useful next time Seski go up a creek (Wanderlust friends think that pretty funny).

Seski ask Wanderlust friends what happen if Seski want to stand up or dance to music in Seski head (like theme song from Oregon, Oregon). Friends react very loudly to sit still and not do anything or we soon make friends with fish. Seski not think that so bad so Seski...

... be nice to friends and help paddle back to shore (they seem to paddle faster than before).

On shore, there are fun stories by campfire and Seski learn a lot about the forests and the mountains. Seski mention next time there should be good story about friendly sasquatch who like to visit campfires... Friends look at Seski funny...

Seski take in deep breath of pine-fresh central Oregon high desert air and Seski content...

Here are more memories:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seski Twisit Bend (Farewell Friend Duck!)

After good night sleep in comfy bed with comfy pillow (hope pillow not filled with friend Duck feathers!), Seski get big Hilton breakfast and head out towards mountains.

Seski ponder Seski-Gene experience and feel great friendship with foul feathered friend. Seski not yet learn to quack but Duck may learn Seski signature "Rowr" very soon!

Seski Tweet:
"Seski run into construction between Bend and Eugene so leave highway and take to forest trails. This cause confusion and delay. Seski sad."

So Seski see first paw change from Evergreen to Pine and now Seski can hide better in brownish colors (less wet too). Seski head to Old Mill district to do tax-free shopping (sneaky Seski not pay taxes on anything!). Seski see fish in nearby pond but before Seski can fish "old school" fisherpeople come with rods and reels and tell Seski to fly, then fish. Seski arms get very, very tired until fisherpeople explain "fish with flies" not "fish flying." They call Seski silly... Grrrr....

For now Seski not have luck with rod and reel so opt for more hearty food. Seski find Flatbread Pizza that have a lot of flavor for flat thing. Seski have to eat and run so not get to thank pizza people for yummiest meal Seski have for long time. Seski be back but for now Seski tummy full and need small Seski nap!

Very busy day for Seski as very old friends wait for Seski on old homestead at High Desert Museum. Seski remember good old days when help friends cut down trees with axe and put logs together for houses. Friends say to keep Seski out but Seski know how to open front door... Friends not think Seski that funny. rowr... Seski get to see lots of forest friends here too and lots of history that Seski remember very well. Seski love mixture of nature and history. Fills Seski with good feeling (or is that pizza???).

Oh such busy day for Seski with many memories. Seski have friends capture on film so all friends can see. Seski sad that Oregon 150 almost over. But so many happy memories for Seski. Here are more Seski memories:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Seski Sightings: Oregon Governor Kulongowski Reads Legislation to Protect Oregon Sasquatches

Oregon great state Seski think. Seski friend wit Oregon govner name Ted. We laugh, we hike in woods, we talk 'bout things make Oregon best state for Seski to live. Sometimes we eat cake. Seski like cake. Seski wishes he had cake big enough for all Oregon to eat. Seski not kno how make tho. Ted say it bad idea Seski play with matches in woods. Last time Seski play with matches he make big fire and push into St Helens mountain. That go poorly. Seski just sled on mountain now instead.

Well, that all. You watch video of Seski and govner. Seski go play hopscotch with squirrels now. Bye for now.