Friday, September 4, 2009

Seski Sightings: Oregon Governor Kulongowski Reads Legislation to Protect Oregon Sasquatches

Oregon great state Seski think. Seski friend wit Oregon govner name Ted. We laugh, we hike in woods, we talk 'bout things make Oregon best state for Seski to live. Sometimes we eat cake. Seski like cake. Seski wishes he had cake big enough for all Oregon to eat. Seski not kno how make tho. Ted say it bad idea Seski play with matches in woods. Last time Seski play with matches he make big fire and push into St Helens mountain. That go poorly. Seski just sled on mountain now instead.

Well, that all. You watch video of Seski and govner. Seski go play hopscotch with squirrels now. Bye for now.

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