Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seski Go Rogue Then Seal With Kisses

I Am Oregonian

Seski not get tired of saying that. Specially when cool ocean breeze mixes with bright, warm sunshine.

Seski leave Yaquina (need to find native american friend to help Seski understand what that mean) and head toward smell of barley and hops. Seski usually dry and put in bowl with fresh milk, but friends at Rogue Brewery have other ideas. Seski like those other ideas.

Seski get tour of lots of big metal cans that have what tour guide call "beer." Seski try to jump in metal can to swim in beer but tour guide panic and say beer not for swimming. Seski think it funny that tour guide not know Seski doesn't like swimming and was big Seski joke. Tour guide not think it funny. So Seski offer to buy him beer and that make tour guide happy. Then Seski realize not carry money which make tour guide not happy. Seski can't win sometimes...

Click below to see slideshow of Seski visit to Rogue:

So Seski head down road for hugs and kisses from flipper friends (no, not friend Flipper, he crazy dolphin). Seski go to Oregon Coast Aquarium and run into many people who get in way. But they want photo with Seski (Seski not make it to coast too often so many think Seski quite the spectacle).

Seski talk about and why Seski want to prove I Am Oregonian with friends from all over. Seski think Washington friends want to be Oregonian too. Many people listen and many want to stay in touch with Seski. Seski think Oregonians a very friendly lot, those non-Oregonians even become friendly when in Oregon.

Seski get to see all sorts of new friends who live on sand and big water. Seski go in tubes that let Seski walk through water and not get wet. Seski a bit closetphobic but see light at end of tunnel so feel better about experience that very tubular. Many feathered friends have big wings to take advantage of ocean breezes. Seski thing big wings also give big hugs so Seski try to see who give biggest hug (Seski not win...)

But soon Seski get a big surprise (big, sloppy, wet, tickly surprise) when go to see flippered friend Lea. She very affectionate and not scared of Seski which make Seski happy. Friend Lea give Seski kiss and Seski thank Lea and tell Lea about big adventure at aquarium. Seski have fun and time go by very quickly so time for Seski to go see more of Newport (Seski wonder if ever called Oldport?).

I Am Newport!

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