Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seski Start I Am Oregonian in Grants Pass

I am Oregonian.

Actually, Seski is sasquatch, but Oregon and Oregonians treat Seski with respect, Seski like Oregon to be home.

Oregon 150 Challenge fun, er... challenge for Seski (that redundant?). Seski take compass down to Grass Pants and explore the area.

Seski start walking through lots of doors with pretty pictures but Seski keep bonking head on door and no one open door for Seski. Seski sad until realize door not supposed to open but simply to look at.

Then Seski imagination take over and Seski get to warm by campfire, chased by mountain lions and wolves, gaze on true blue of Crater water and cool in mist of super tall falls in gorge. Where does your imagination take you?

Click here for slideshow of Seski door adventure.

Then Seski wander down to river's edge (not live in van down by river). Big blue boats sit in water and friends from Hellgate Jetboats invite for ride. Seski nervous. Pine needles and dirt under Seski feet feel good, not feel same about cold, fast, deep water (Seski look at Crater water, not get in).
Seski get acclimated to blue boat and practice tying knots. That make Seski knotty (ROWR!).

Captain not watching so Seski sneak away with boat and feel need for speed. Captain not happy with Seski but Seski bigger than captain so everyone still friends.

Seski still laughing.

That only day one of adventure. More to come, maybe more photos of Seski being Seski.


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