Friday, November 28, 2008

Wander Wine Country

Seski wander through Red Hills of Dundee to work off big turkey dinner (Seski think funny that Turkey get stuffed then Seski get stuffed).

Roads very crowded with people cars going to holiday events.  Seski wander to visit friend Alison and Alex at Sokol-Blosser and feel very cheery even in dark room with happy lights, friends and big glasses.

Too early for Seski to taste wine (give Seski funny feeling) but now have start of wine cellar (thank you Alison and Alex).    

Seski wonder what other wine should add to wine collection?  

OK to store wine under tree roots and hole in ground?  Seski friends give advice?Start to rain on Seski so wrap up in warm woolen blanket and head back for sleep.  Tomorrow big day for Seski... 

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